About the ‘Unlikely Adventurers’ – Kathy, Tracy & Carryn…

As three ordinary, unfit ladies blessed with, (and in no particular order…) fantastic husbands, exciting careers, and beautiful, healthy children (in Tracy’s case – of the 4 legged kind) we came to realise that we needed to be and do more in our lives. Firstly to develop ourselves and achieve a sense of giving back to our communities but also to embark on the process of realisation that life doesn’t just consist of our own internal existence and that we can both contribute to and be a part of the external influences and realities surrounding us.

We were inspired to go out and tackle something that seemed impossible, and in doing so, make a difference to those less fortunate than ourselves.  We were looking to prove to ourselves and to teach our children and those around us that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. It dawned on us we would be far better mothers, wives, colleagues and friends if we invested in our own personal growth – most of the time prior to this the only growth had been in the waist line 🙂

Invigorated, we agreed we needed to set ourselves an almighty challenge! One that would test us beyond what we ever thought physically or mentally possible. Carryn had recently read about a woman who did a charity ride through Vietnam, and in true style – it started as one of those defiant ‘well if she can, we can’ moments and so the adventure for these ‘unlikely adventurers’ was born.

What is this all about?

After much talking (and no riding – in fact only 2 of us owned bicycles) we signed up to cycle a 640km / 8 day challenge through Vietnam to raise funds for a local, South African charity. Vietnam is known for its beautiful scenery and friendly people but also apparently for its rugged and hilly terrain (although this last fact came later and was a bit of a surprise to us). We decided to undertake this challenge on behalf of Makaphutu Children’s Village and, while the origins of this idea arose from a personal goal, we are very excited about raising money and awareness for this very deserving cause.

Our training programme has begun and we fly to Vietnam on the 30th October 2013!  Over the next 9 months we’ll be tracking our progress for your information – and no doubt entertainment…

What is Makaphutu Children’s Village?

Today Makaphutu is both a children’s village and a community outreach hub. The first goal of the Children’s Village is to nurture orphaned and vulnerable children into wholeness.  Long term they believe they are raising tomorrow’s leaders who will help create healthy, sustainable communities. For now they wish to provide them with a loving and safe environment where they will be able to lead normal, healthy lives receiving a proper education and the life skills necessary to succeed. Click Here to link to the Makaphutu website for more details.

Why are we supporting Makaphutu?

We all live in the Hillcrest/ Kloof area on the outskirts of Durban, South Africa, and were committed to raising money for a local cause where our contribution can really make a difference. All too often the ‘smaller enterprises’ struggle to raise their profile and get support from local communities because it‘s easier to support bigger, more established charities.

Furthermore, Kathy has a personal link to Makaphutu through her 4 year involvement in the community from 1997 to 2001, when she established and ran the, still thriving, Little Hills pre-school which supports the children of Makaphutu and the local community.

Makaphutu is distinct from similar organisations in that they focus not only on the safekeeping of the children in their care, but also on developing their life and leadership skills, with an aim to transform both their and their local communities future: the local community faces considerable challenges from poverty and family disfunction and also has the highest incidence of HIV / AIDS in South Africa.

Our primary focus is to use our cycling challenge to raise awareness about this incredible organization and raise funds to support them. Funds for both specific projects and also the critical running costs for providing these special children with a loving environment, a home – something we too often take for granted.

The children of Makaphutu deserve to be loved and given an opportunity to change their otherwise bleak future. Any help we can provide must be worthwhile.

How can you help?

Please support us on this epic journey and provide donations to this incredible organisation. Be part of changing the future of these very deserving children. To provide a donation please select this link, which will direct you to the Makaphutu donations page. Please include a reference ‘Cycle Project’ when donating so the funds can be tracked. Please email confirmation to makaphutucharitycycle@gmail.com.


4 thoughts on “About the ‘Unlikely Adventurers’ – Kathy, Tracy & Carryn…

  1. Very proud of you Caz. I’m sure the sense of achievement when you reach your end goal will be wonderful. To Tracy and Cathy, keep her under control.

  2. So proud of you Kath and your brave mates! Well done you guys what an experience can’t wait to hear all about it in person one day! Keep up the fantastic ride. Xxxxxxx

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